100% Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil
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Product Description 1oz/30ml
 The powerful STRONG ANTI-WRINKLE EFFECTS of Prickly pear seed oil is so highly valued. The rapidly absorbed oil contains exceptionally high levels of essential fatty acids, vitamin E, and linoleum acid which regulates the skin hydration.
Improving skin microcirculation with Anti-inflammatory effects Decreases wrinkles depth, Protects against UV Anti-aging, protects against external aggressions, slowing the aging process down.

Prickly Pear Seed Oil Facial Serum

We have combined potent essential oils because we believe this is a very powerful pair, and together they enhance the healing process by transporting nutrients to the cells of our bodies balancing body and mind while giving you healthy vibrant radiant skin.
Our Prickly seed oil is great for all skin types but especially helpful for:

Rose & Sandalwood
Dry, Mature, revitalize, anti-aging skin
Lavender & Geranium
Dry, rosacea, inflamed, acne, anti-aging skin
Or simply choose the one that sounds best to you. Trust your intution when deciding which facial serum to choose. You know your skin's current condition better than anyone.
So what's right for you?
We created our line of Skin Care, Elixirs, Argan Oil Facial treatments and Mineral Makeup to be -mistake-proof-. They were designed to all work together to balance the skin.

With simple formulas that get back to basics using natural and organic ingredients, encouraging the skin to regulate itself. Which is highly beneficial for you!

Benefits of Prickly Pear Seed Oil
  • Protects the skin against premature aging (anti-aging activities)
  • Tightens the skin and prevents premature wrinkle formation
  • Promotes a beautiful and healthy complexion
  • Reduces the under-eye shadows and eye circles
  • Moisturizing and revitalizing, Excellent emollient and skin softener
  • Penetrates very easily into the epidermis and leaves a velvety feeling
  • Refines texture, brightens the complexion
Product Directions:
On clean skin spray a generous amount of toner on the face, neck and decollate, Then add a drop of Prickly pear seed oil on fore head, each cheek, few drops on neck and decollate.
With gentle up word strokes massage into skin. If you feel your skin may need more moisture add a few more drops.

*This is very important
Make sure skin is moist from toner when applying an Argan Facial Serum, Exotic Oil Or an Elixir. It will help penetrate the skin on a deeper level.

100% Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil (Opuntia ficus-indica), cold pressed (seeds) pure from Morocco.
What it is formulated WITHOUT:  No chemicals, No toxins!
* After opening, store away from the light and in a cool place.

100% Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil

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