Ghassoul Clay with Essential Oils
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Product Description

 2oz/60mL   *For all skin types

Moroccan Ghassoul clay face mask is a wonderful tradition used in morocco. It comes from deep beneath the Atlas mountains and contains ingredients that are known for it's skin cleansing and softening properties.

Famous for it's wonderful ability to absorb impurities of the skin brought on by environmental toxins, dirt and debris that get under your skin, blocking, working against the skins natural-filtering system to breath and release, causing pores to get clogged, skin looks dull and cloudy.

It does not harm your skin. This clay naturally contains high levels of: mineral salts, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium and phosphorus. In addition,  ghassoul clay is enriched with essential oils that reinforce its purifying and protective action.

Ghassoul clay face mask is treasured because it's a natural healing element for:

- detoxifying the skin
- draw out impurities
- Leaving the skin clear, clean and revitalized
- It eliminates toxins from skin
- improves skin elasticity
- minimizes pores
- improves skin clarity
- extracts blackheads and
- ideal because it's pH-neutral
- Does not harm the skin

Because clay is a natural substance it will increase oxidation and circulation in the area where it is applied. While this activity can sometimes feel itchy and create redness, it is not at all harmful.

After Mask apply Toner, Argan Facial Serum or Elixir , Vitamin C serum and moisturizer to the skin, it will calm and clear.

Product Directions:

Use as a weekly clay mask  or as often as needed, This is a very important part of taking care of your skin naturally.

1) On clean skin, Add Argan Facial serum or Elixir to face & neck.

2) Mix 1/2 tsp of clay with water ( or facial toner, cooled Herbal tea, milk, ect ) creating a very thin paste, apply all over face & neck (or use as a spot treatment).

Allow mask to dry and remove with many splashes of cool water.

 Generously saturate face with toner.

3) Apply 4 to 5 drops of Argan facial serum Or Elixir to face & neck restoring hydration and moisture. You may follow with Vitamin C serum and Radiance moisturizer.

You can also add clay to facial cleansers , adding little drops of water massaging into the skin with your complexion brush or fingers, rinsing with cool water.



Moroccan lava clay (hectorite), Rosmarinus officinalis oil (Rosemary), eucalyptus globulus oil (Eucalyptus), citrus aurantium oil (sweet orange), linalool, limonene, argan oil(argania spinosa)

Warning: For external use only. Avoid eye area.

Ghassoul Clay with Essential Oils

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