Perez Sanz "MANIERSMO"
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This Bracelet is only available in red.

Bracelet from the collection of the "New World" inspired in the fauna of the Americas.

    •    Materials: Alpaca*, bronze, resin, leather.
    •    Box & Tongue closure
    •    Made in Argentina.
    •    Height: 0.79 inches.
    •    Width: 1.57 inches.
    •    Depth: 7.09 inches.
    •    Weight: 0.14 lbs.
*Alpaca: Also known as German silver, Nickel silver, Argentan, is a copper alloy used by the silversmiths in Argentina. The usual formulation is 60% copper, 20% nickel and 20% zinc.

Perez Sanz "MANIERSMO"

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